Mankind’s Impact On Climate

The temperature of our planet is steadily increasing due to the ever increasing accumulation of CO2 as a direct result of the burning of fossil fuels over the last 120 years. Fossil fuels have enabled the huge growth and productivity in our planets history, which has enabled the massive improvements in living standards right across the globe.

The vast increase in manufacturing capability driven by a large number of Titans of industry is the direct result all the efforts of hundreds of thousands if not millions of very clever Engineers and capitalists over the past century and a half.

Sadly  the efforts of all of these clever and hardworking people will result in near catastrophic climate change if the growth in fossil fuel use remains unchecked. Ironically it may be that a small handful of individuals are the direct cause of fossil fuels being stopped in their tracks.

The individual likely to have the most impact is Elon Musk,  the CEO of Tesla. Musk is an exceptional visionary with exceptional Engineering and marketing skills and with an exceptional ability to raise capital.

He has  correctly forecast the technology and economic conversion necessary for electric vehicles, solar power and battery storage, and through Tesla has arrived at 2017  in an ideal position to be able to massively disrupt the way the world travels and sources and uses power.

In particular he has correctly forecast that AI technology will make fully autonomous driving absolutely practical in one to two years, and he has made certain that he has an affordable and highly desirable vehicle  ready for manufacturing at scale  and used for transport as a service at least two to three years ahead of any other vehicle manufacturer.

Musk through Tesla has forced  all vehicle manufacturers to rapidly put together an electric vehicle program and an autonomous driving program, probably at least 10  or even 20 years ahead of when they otherwise would have if Elon Musk had not appeared on the scene.

The long term impact of Tesla will most probably mean that climate change is kept to the most optimistic levels forecast in the Paris climate agreement, and Musk will probably go down  in history as the man who saved our planet.